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Floor Sanding Specialists with 30 Years Experience in all Restoration and Wood finishing techniques

The Ultimate Wood Floor Sanding Solution

The Latest Octi Disc sander delivers results that are unattainable from today’s comparable belt and drum sanders.

The patented Octi-Disc Technology makes it three machines in ONE

1. A Floor Sander

2. A Floor Edger

2. A Floor Buffer

As well as edging to within 3mm of the wall

Initially developed to meet the demanding needs of Commercial wood floor sanding

Acorn specialising in:

High Quality Finishing,

Dust Free Floor Sanding, minimising any disruption to your home or workplace.


All our methods are dust free, meaning that no mess will be left behind!

The Octi Disc floor sander with its innovative design features doesn't just improve our floor sanding

It takes floor sanding to another level !

dustfree floor sanding
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Dustless wood floor sanding
Tf Buffer

The Octi Disc Sander can sand in any direction, not leaving chatter marks,stalls  tool marks or divots in the floor, as most Sanding Machines do. Especially Designed for Parquet and Engineered Floors.


Leaving a premium flat, smooth finish on the floor, which transforms even the oldest and most worn of floors into something truly impressive


Delivers results that are unattainable from today’s comparable belt and drum sanders

What makes the Werkmaster so unique for the Commercial and Domestic wood floor sanding market ?

Invite Acorn into your Business to Transform your Wooden Floors into something Truly Impressive

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We aim to make fulfillment of your floor restoration requirements, a straightforward and enjoyable experience, from your first call to completion of your restoration project.

Dustless Floor Sanding

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